Sunday, May 15, 2011

Today I watched a programme on the Universe. It never ends well, it always ends up with me questioning my own fate, my own purpose in the world and really how truly insignificant we are in relation to the “bigger picture”. But then I ask myself, what is the bigger picture? 

Every single person on this earth calls it something different; it’s just your own belief. No, it’s not your own belief, it’s where you fucking stand, and it’s what you see. This whole world is an optical illusion with trillions of different viewpoints, possibly infinite, and every so often you might be lucky enough to glimpse someone else perception of reality, but you’ll mainly be stuck looking in on your own life. In the programme, it said how their will be energy in the universe, that is to say there will be anything alive at all for 1 trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion years. But it was something much larger than that.

I'll stick with Mass Effect 2

If you were to represent each year as a single atom, there are not enough atoms in the universe to show how long the universe will carry on for. I don’t know if that does anything for you but that shit fucking astounds me. There are civilizations a mere 2,500 years old who we have the mere remains of, their language, religion, art, music, lost to time. Where will I be in 10 years? Who will I be in 50 years time? Will anyone remember me in 100 years time? Will any human be remembered in 1000 or 10,000 years? If there is a God, he’s got a sick fucking mind. But, as I was saying, the fact that we even want to find out what will happen to us, that we, as a species, can measure out days and times and use hard mathematics to work out what will happen to us, to predict the future with facts is, well, it’s overwhelming. Nietzsche said that “God is Dead”. 

God isn’t dead, humans are god, and we are most certainly not dead.


  1. thats deep man it really makes me think about my life and universe

  2. Was it by a guy in a wheel chair with a robot voice...that guys my dad. true story

  3. Man, this post was pretty deep. Everytime I see a show on the universe, or even just our planet, it makes me think, where am I in this whole mess. TO be able to comprehend existence is impossible, it'll just drive you insane.

  4. Same as the above poster. The sheer scale of the universe is just mind-boggling. Something I find particularly hard to comprehend is when you look up at the night sky - if you focus, you can see the stars as tiny spheres of light, and then when you think about the distance between you and there... :O

  5. I used to have a 4 DVD set the discovery channel did on the universe it was badass. It got stolen though :(

  6. well we don't have near enough knowledge to find out 99% of what's universe really about.. I mean I would like that some major discoveries are made during my lifetime life on other planets, what really happened before big bang or was there a big bang in the first place etc..

  7. I love those documentaries!

    The ones with morgan freeman is awesome too

  8. I rather stick with Mass Effect 1..

  9. This was very Interesting, Thx for posting!

  10. something about that last line reminds me of a short book i read, that you might enjoy reading. its called "God's Debris", and it is written by Scott Adams(guy who created the Dillbert comics). if you get a chance, try and find a copy of it (i think there are some PDFs of it floating around the interwebs somewhere)

  11. These are the questions that I spend my time thinking about. This post reminds me of something I read posted on a forum once:

    "I am mortal.
    I want to do something meaningful.
    Things that are lasting matter.
    Things that last longer than other things matter more.
    I want to do something that lasts forever.
    ...Entropy forbids that I ever do something that lasts forever.
    Nothing I, or anybody does will ever matter at the end of the universe.
    What's "meaning" anyways?
    Only people assign meaning, not the universe.
    I assign meaning.
    Anything I do that has meaning for me has meaning.
    The only things that have meaning are the things that I think have meaning."

    Been quoting it ever since.